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Nothing is more destructive of warm relations than the person who endlessly “doesn’t mind.” They do not seem to be a full individual if they have nothing of their own to “bring to the table,” so to speak. This suggests that even those who know that they are best and most fully themselves in relationships (of whatever kind) need a capacity to be alone, and probably at least some occasions to use that ability. If you know who you are and know that you are relating to others because you want to, rather than because you are trapped (unfree), in desperate need and greed, because you fear you will not exist without someone to affirm that fact, then you are free. Some solitude can in fact create better relationships, because they will be freer ones.

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Rihanna destroyed CBS’ attitude towards domestic abuse in 2 tweets 

Rihanna is not happy with CBS’s decision to cancel her performance before last week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. 

Sensing that an appearance by the singer — who was the victim of a highly publicized domestic abuse incident herself — might bring them some bad press in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, the network decided to scrap her show. Rihanna wasn’t pleased

"The audacity" is right.

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Single simply means unmarried – not that anyone counted in singlehood’s ranks is not in a relationship. You could be in a seven-year relationship, going strong and still check the box for “unmarried” and decide never to participate in the institution of marriage, but only the government (and maybe your interfering mom) will think that you’re single. Many long-term co-habitating couples have children and contribute to the economy in the same ways that married couples do. Many might even consider buying a house, which is more expensive than most weddings, if they could afford to – but who can afford to buy a house these days?

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We know the internet is a crucial outlet for our stories. We know that without a free and open internet, content delivery will slow. And, without regulations in place, certain content can be stopped at the source.

We need a free & open internet to ensure that we can respond, together, to violence. Let the FCC know what the internet means to you. Raise your voice for the public internet.

Art by Sandra Khalifa

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If You Suddenly Find Yourself Covering Gender-Based Violence

Ray Rice’s assault on his wife put domestic violence front and center of the news where it’s being covered by many who have no experience reporting on the issue.

Enter WITNESS’ guide for conducting interviews with survivors of gender-based violence. It’s an important resource for those thinking of interviewing survivors about the issue, or reporting on gender-based violence more deeply.

Via the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma:

The Guide to Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence is an illustrated how-to resource for documenting the stories of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence safely, effectively and ethically.

Designed for human rights activists, advocates, citizen journalists and filmmakers, the guide covers prep and planning for conducting and sharing interviews, and helps navigate the terrain of social stigma and shame, threats of retribution by perpetrators and/or institutions that may wish to bury the story and the imperative to ensure the emotional and physical safety of interview subjects.

The guide can be downloaded here. A companion video series can be viewed here.

Image: Cover detail, via WITNESS.