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In 2011, JCPenney’s “I’m Too Pretty to Do Homework…” shirt employed some good old-fashioned, traditional sexist drivel to drive home the important lesson that women are mindless objects. Irate moms blew up the Internet in a furious flurry of e-complaints, and JCPenney discontinued the shirts shortly thereafter The online marketing blurb read: “Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out?” Fair question, I guess. 

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gahtdamn i love my people

Finally a dance I can fux wit.

folk been diddy boppin for damn near 20 years you trippin

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Random Twerking!: Girls Twerk In Public! 

Lmao I love it

Well, I was entertained.

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“If a stripper changes her life she’s still a stripper. If a drug dealer changes his life he’s a business man, entrepreneur, etc…?”—Amber Rose

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